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Hotel Vermont Community Mental Health Check-In Event

Grateful to have been included in this very important Check-In Event hosted by Hotel Vermont and NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) VT where we were able to provide attendees with NorahBeads bracelets and find space to connect. Thank you Hans and Maddy for putting this together.

More information and pictures shared by Hotel Vermont & WCAX below:

"Scenes from last week’s mental health "Check In Night" in partnership with NAMI Vermont and other local mental health organizations. We offered our space and a complimentary overnight to a selection of nominated Vermonters to participate a series of mental health related training sessions, lived-experience storytelling, and networking. Our hope: that they left feeling just a bit more confident as mental health advocates and mentors in their respective communities, from the ability to recognize signs, address symptoms, navigate hard conversations, to knowing when and where to look for further professional guidance.
The conversation was open, honest, and energetic – a testament to the need to address mental health in Vermont, share resources, and develop a network of support. We know we have only scratched the surface: more voices need to be heard, more resources need to be shared, and more conversation needs to happen. We're eager for more to come." - Hotel Vermont


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